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  1. Hey predninja how do you get that kind of speed I thought cox only offers a top around 4mbs inless you pay more do you pay more if so how much because I am thinking about upgrading to cox thanks!!!
  2. To Luwigie I didn't know you owned this thread. Besides you haven't posted in days. Also I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to post in your thread so what does that mean that I can't post in amyones theard I have to make a new one everytime then how can I help people you do realize that I have help alot of people the whole time you been gone and I have help more people then I can count of this site already with there problems I didn't know I couldn't help people I didn't know I don't have any rights on this site. I don't even know who you are but you still come at me as not a nice person wh
  3. Ok I will talk to Peeps well hello again Peeps I see what you are saying I have the same problem but I think my roouter is just broke but that may not e the case for you. Also try setting your port to something like 999 because I am pretty sure you can't go above 1000 if I am wrong please correct me anyone. Also you can add you computer to the DMZ like swimmer said but there is risk with that. But one I have not heard yet was what I was told and that was to go to my firewall on the router and create a new program rule and setting that up. But can you tell me something what service or DNS Servi
  4. Ok first I will talk to swimmer.Ok so I see that you are planning on setting up a media server well I hope you know that when doing this you have a high risk of over heating your system and possibly damaging your servers but If you have good cooling systems then you should be ok.Also you do not have to use that program you can simply just tell the server to open the file at the same time as it is downloading simply by changing the extinshen on the file from say .mpg to .asx and that well make it open in media player or you can change it to ra witch will open it in realone player. As far as tha
  5. Yes I see you all are talking about weather what I am doing is legal or not well check out what I have just added. I added a legal page that first comes up and it should cover my butt what do you think check it out and tell me if you think that will work my URL again is www.shanee861.no-ip.com thanks!!
  6. Also please also ask swimmer or ca3le guy they also know alot and they maybe able to help us both thanks but still please tell me what kind of router you have in order for me to help better and so I can see if you have the same router as me so we can help each other thanks!!!
  7. Well first of all are you trying to do it through a router? If so I need help for the same reason! Because the only way that mine works is just through the modem not the router because the router seems to block it and I have also tried everything to get it to work through the router and nothing but if you will tell me what kind of router you have and if you are using it then I would be happy to help try to setup your router for you in order to allow access to your server. I have tried alot of things and I really bet you haven't tried everything because I thought I did to but didn't. Also the x
  8. Ok swimmer are you asking for my help or just telling me that. I would be happy to help I also don't think you really need a media server but maybe a file server like mine if you want to check mine out look at rescent post and also I would also be happy to host your files and your friends for free since I do own a hosting company just tell me more ok thanks!!!
  9. OK and Hi shugs I am happy to be back. The answer to your question is a media server is what servers you up the music videos and music you listen to on site like yahoo or msn they stream to you or a constent download also usaully there are secured meaning unlike other site you can't just go to your temp file and copy and paste it to somewere else. Also a media server must be a good system because streaming uses alot of bandwitch and cpu power etc it is like watching tv on your pc kind of. I don't know if you were trying to test me or what but I know what it is it is just hard to explain but yo
  10. Cool I see someone has uploaded some files well they will be on there as soon as I scan them because you Noone gets any virus. Also I scan every one of my files with norton antivirus 2004 before I add them so don't worry about virus thanks!!!
  11. so how is downloading now and what because I just want to know if you are downloading a big file so I don't turn the server off so please tell me before you do thanks!!!
  12. Also can anyone help me on fixing my router because right now I am not going through my router because it won't allow me to setup the server through it can anyone help thanks!!!
  13. Hey wingzero what did you download I say you must have dowloaded something since my server tell me when someone is on it and my internet was going so what was it and tell me please what you would like to see there and also you can upload to my server by going (clip by Microwave>>>dead
  14. Yes well my inernet is slow for some reason I have sbc yahoo dsl and I am supposed to get speeds of 1.5mbs but I usaully only get around 320kbs so sorry for the slow speed but I have tried to make it faster thanks. I am just happy it works now what was making it not work was xp firewall so please tell me what you like thats one there and what you would like to see on there and I will try to add it ok thanks!!!
  15. OK it should work now since I tried it on a clients pc not on the network so here is th URL it's (clip by microwave>>>dead link)ok please tell me if it works for you thanks!!!
  16. Well if that site doesn't work then try one of these (clip by microwave)or try the one I already gave you without a www or try if non of those work then please tell me thanks!!!
  17. Cool site man and I don't know why my website is not working let me check ok thanks!!!
  18. As some people now I am the owner of a web hosting company and have several site of mine own but that not what I am really here for. I am really here becuase I want to help other with problems that I know how to fix. I also heard that swiimer is going to setup a media server and I was just wondering if he need help with that since I do know how to do that. Plus I also hope he has a good system because media servers need to be a good system or you will fry your system plus I also have a server setup more like a file server but a server and I do not claim the rights to any of these files I hav
  19. Hello I also know of a good website and yes it is mine but it's not really a site just my server were I run this server just for sharing things with relates and others but I do not claim the rights to any of these files I have got alot of them from file sharing programs so it shouldn't be illegal to have them but maybe it is I don't know if it is please tell me plus I think it is only illegal if you charge for them witch I am not and I am soon to post the movie SWAT and I already have spider man 2 on there but they are large files and the are good quaility. So here it is http://www.shanee861.
  20. OK vanburen Heres my info I am runnig XP Home I have sbc yahoo dsl and there advertised speed is 1.5mbs I have TCPOptimizer and Cable Nut and :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 321 Kbps about 0.3 Mbps (tested with 1013 KB) Download Speed is:: 39 KB/s Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/ Bottom Line:: 6 times faster than 56K you can download 1MB in 26.26 second(s) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/cgi-bin/get.cgi?Test_ID=2YMB5LC4G is my speed and not sure about the ping or the properties under my LAN and I did the rest. I have posted before about this and they said
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