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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRC77brGYWs&feature=rec-fresh
  2. Sorry , I have to say ghost, I don't think you would be neutral. Just my opinion, and I am sticking to it. Like ya anyway bud.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc86_Weoye0&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuRZZgFxmZQ
  4. Its on Tv. Yes, I know its hard to believe something is amazing on tv. For 10 years I have wanted something fresh and new on tv. Fringe is it. Doesn't every1 want something new? Btw. I like Walter. He is ingenious and a little clumsy. Or maybe just strange? http://fringe-forum.com/forums/
  5. Smiles. Where does she live again? lol. My Hogg gets about 43 miles a gallon. (I added some pipes, might be lower). I will make it there by Saturday. lol. just ribbin'
  6. True, my friend. So true. Btw, I am watching "Fringe". Has anyone seen this phenomenon?
  7. Dude!!! Justin, that is a dna altering rig. What tha heck. It looks like a major project. Gheez. You go man! I now have a barebones sli rig. Plus 3 sticks of 1GB Memory. Let me build it up with a AMD Black or something more extreme, and i will battle you. Smiles. Some burn in program. Smiles
  8. I doubt any of you can make it but I have to show it. I will be riding. http://summervillespca.com/Events.aspx
  9. Tommie, ya'll get hit with tornadoes though. Its like when I lived in Ohio. You see one trailer picked up and slammed down, while your trailer is not affected. Scary.
  10. What was the topic about again? Smiles. Btw. Hi all, I am back. Had a little trouble with the cellular phone/modem. Dropped the doggone thing and bam! couldn't see the screen. All this new electronic stuff!!!! I guess you're not supposed to drop it. lol.
  11. @ranchman. There is an alternative, just not sure if you are interested. I, too, live in the country and the only internet service I have out here is dial up. I looked into satellite(Hughes and Wild Blue) before coming up with what I have now. I guess my first question to you would be "do you have a cellular phone", second would be "how strong is your signal where you live?". I am not sure if you know about it but I will explain just the same. I have my phone (Alltel Hue) tethered via usb cable (and sometimes bluetooth, but bluetooth is much, much slower) to my computer. I pay $25 per month for unlimited data usage from Alltel. I am not sure what cellular companies are available in your area, but I would check into it. In ideal conditions you can achieve 1.5 - 2.5 Mbps down with said setup. Unfortunately where I live my signal is only 2-3 bars out of 6, so I do not get the ultimate speeds. I only get around .5 -1 Mbps. It is something to look into if you haven't already. I would have gone with satellite, but the up front fees are outrageous, plus you have to have good credit. That is just one of the things my ex wife took away from me. Anyway, good luck on finding your solution. Hopefully someone can help. I don't know about satellites, completely out of my range of knowledge.
  12. Have you ever had one of those "What tha hell?" moments? Perusing through some upcoming movies, I just did. Apparently Ridley Scott, whose long list of movie credits include Alien, Thelma & Louise, GI Jane, Hannibal, and American Gangster, among many, many others, will be directing Monopoly, the movie. A movie based on a board game? What tha hell? How entertaining could it be? Really!! Now don't get me wrong, I know they have had another movie based on a board game. Back in 1985 they came out with Clue, with actors Tim Curry, Martin Mull, and Christopher Lloyd, among other great actors, but to tell the truth, I didn't find that movie very entertaining either. Has hollywood finally lost its spark of enthusiasm? Have they run out of things to inspire a great movie? And why would Ridley Scott even think of doing it? Maybe I am too quick to pull the trigger, we will have to wait and see on this one. And they announced their plans to film the movie back in February, so it may not even come to fruition, but I just had to comment on it. http://movies.ign.com/articles/873/873542p1.html More Hasbro Movies Coming Transformers just the beginning. by Scott Collura May 13, 2008 - What is this world we live in, where a toy company is also at the forefront of some of the biggest Hollywood movies out there? Where you been, bub? It's the year 2008, where comic books, TV shows, and toys are the hot items to base your movies on. And big-gun toymaker Hasbro knows it too, which is why they have appointed Bennett Schneir as the company's top creative executive on its film side. Schneir, according to Variety, has previously served as VP of creative affairs for ImageMovers Digital, Robert Zemeckis' company, where he handled Disney-related projects and also produced the CGI animation Monster House. The exec will be a key player as Hasbro's six-film deal with Universal develops, which will include projects based on properties such as Monopoly, Candy Land, Clue, Ouija, Battleship, Magic: The Gathering, and Stretch Armstrong. As has been previously reported, Ridley Scott's Scott Free is developing Monopoly for the big-screen. Of course, Transformers 2 and G.I. Joe are also on the Hasbro slate, though they will be distributed by Paramount. Hasbro hopes to have the first of its Universal films out by 2010 or 2011. "Our goal is to deliver more fantastic cinematic experiences, similar to what we did along with DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures with Transformers," says John Frascotti, Hasbro's global chief marketing officer. ================================================================================================== http://www.darkhorizons.com/news08/080221i.php A Ridley Scott "Monopoly" Movie? By Garth FranklinThursday, February 21st 2008 12:10am image Universal Pictures and Hasbro announced Wednesday a six-year strategic partnership to produce at least four feature films based on some of Hasbro's best-known game and toy brands says Reuters. Hasbro has the option of co-funding production of the films and will retain all merchandising rights to the brands with the first film to be out by 2010 or 2011 and at least one film a year released after that. The manufacturer will partner exclusively with Universal for feature films with the exception of "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe," which are already setup at DreamWorks and Paramount. Amongst these are such properties as Monopoly, Candy Land, Clue, Ouija, Battleship, Magic, the Gathering and Stretch Armstrong. Hasbro COO Brian Goldner says David Berenbaum is penning a draft for "Ouija" and Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes will produce. He also says Hasbro is in negotiations with Ridley Scott on "Monopoly". Hasbro is co-financing script development with Universal and has the option of co-funding production of the films. Hasbro will retain all merchandising rights to the brands, and the companies will share in consumer products revenue generated by the movies. ==================================================================================================
  13. Well ladies and gentleman. I did it!!! I am now connected to the internet on UBUNTU via bluetooth modem. They said it couldn't be done. But I did it! Yay! The speeds really suck, I am sure I will find a way to resolve that though. Seeing as how in Ubuntu I have been getting speeds of 700-1000 via usb cable, compared to windows speeds of 250-400. And yes, it was just as I said, it was right in front of my face the whole time. And simpler really, than what I had been trying to do. Here is a rundown of how I did it - - - This is from a few different guides so I will condense into one - - - Listing Bluetooth device * Make your phone Bluetooth discoverable. * Run the following at a shell prompt: hcitool scan * Copy the MAC address (the text with the capital letters, numbers, and ':'s) somewhere convenient. You'll need it many times. Pairing You can skip this section if you've already paired your phone with your computer. However, consider the final optional step, as your phone might otherwise nag you every time you use if for dialup. * Run the following, replacing your-phone-mac-address with the proper data sudo hcitool cc your-phone-mac-address * Run the following, replacing your-phone-mac-address with the proper data sudo hcitool auth your-phone-mac-address * Find the channel number for your phone's dialup service by running the following. sdptool search DUN * Alternatively, get information about all the services on your phone by running this, replacing your-phone-mac-address with the proper data sdptool browse your-phone-mac-address * In either case, look under "Service Name: Dial-up Networking" * Under "Protocol Descriptor List:" and "RFCOMM", there should be a number after "Channel:" * Remember that number; you'll need it for the rfcomm configuration * Run gksudo gedit /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf * Paste the following into the file, replacing your-phone-mac-address and your-phone-rfcomm-channel with appropriate values rfcomm0 { bind yes; device your-phone-mac-address; channel your-phone-rfcomm-channel; comment "Bluetooth PPP Connection"; } Heres how mine looks -- <a href="http://www.photolava.com/view/itc9.html"><img src="http://img107.mytextgraphics.com/photolava/2008/08/23/rfcom-4bm8xyywp.png" alt="Free Photo Hosting - Photolava.com" /></a><br /><br /> Save and close the rfcomm.conf file Note: On the Nokia N95 (and possibly other Symbian S60 phones) the RFCOMM channel number is not consistent, but seems to change from time to time. If you have a phone that behaves like this, and you find youself unable to connect, you will need to re-run sdptool as described above to see if the channel number has changed. Rather than edit rfcomm.conf (and hence have RFCOMM bind to the channel at startup) you may find it more convenient to bind the RFCOMM channel on the command line: rfcomm bind 0 your-phone-mac-address your-phone-rfcomm-channel * Run the following, which will create the rfcomm0 device sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart If you get the wrong channel (or if the wrong channel was bound at startup as a result of rfcomm.conf) then you need to release it before you can bind it again: rfcomm release 0 Configuring PPP * Run the following gksudo gedit /etc/ppp/peers/BluetoothDialup * Paste the following into the file (the file should start out blank)(I found that on my Motorola V360 that I had to comment out #lcp-echo-failure 0 useing T-Mobile.) debug noauth connect "/usr/sbin/chat -v -f /etc/chatscripts/BluetoothDialup" usepeerdns /dev/rfcomm0 115200 defaultroute crtscts lcp-echo-failure 0 Save and close the BluetoothDialup file * Run the following gksudo gedit /etc/chatscripts/BluetoothDialup * Paste the following into the file (the file should start out blank), replacing your-apn-here with the APN from your data services profile and your-data-profile-number-here with the number you stored the profile into on the phone (probably 2). TIMEOUT 35 ECHO ON ABORT 'nBUSYr' ABORT 'nERRORr' ABORT 'nNO ANSWERr' ABORT 'nNO CARRIERr' ABORT 'nNO DIALTONEr' ABORT 'nRINGINGrnrnRINGINGr' '' rAT OK 'AT+CGDCONT=2,"IP","your-apn-here"' OK ATD*99***your-data-profile-number-here# CONNECT "" **Note. Not all systems have apn's. If you can't find your apn on this page ( http://www.taniwha.org.uk/gprs.html)or here (http://www.quickim.com/support/gprs-settings.html#USA) Call your cellular provider to determine what your apn is. Now the thing that made it really work. If you don't have Gnome PPP installed, install it from Synaptic Package Manager. This is what really ties it all together. After installed open Gnome PPP. Click on setup and type in the device box /dev/rfcomm0 and choose Analog modem. Leave the rest alone and close the box. <a href="http://www.photolava.com/view/itco.html"><img src="http://img902.mytextgraphics.com/photolava/2008/08/23/gnome1-4bm95bwb2.png" alt="Free Photo Hosting - Photolava.com" /></a><br /><br /> Then in the main box type in your username and password. Note -- I have alltel, so username is my phone number followed by alltel.net. password is alltel. Then enter in the phone number box, used to dial into your network, *99***2#. <a href="http://www.photolava.com/view/itcw.html"><img src="http://img108.mytextgraphics.com/photolava/2008/08/23/gnome2-4bm97pt1q.png" alt="Free Photo Hosting - Photolava.com" /></a><br /><br /> Now you are almost ready to go. Remember I talked about binding your phone? This is important, and one of the things I was missing. Unfortunately, every time I restart my computer or disconnect my phone, I have to retype this. I haven't found a solution for it, but I am working on a workaround. If your phone is not bound do it now by opening a terminal and typing rfcomm bind 0 your-phone-mac-address your-phone-rfcomm-channel Now once that is complete, press the connect button on Gnome PPP, and your phone should be connected via bluetooth in Ubuntu!
  14. Damn straight it's getting juicy. This candidate is beginning to look like he has more ghosts in his closet than George W, Clinton, and Reagan combined eh? We already know he experimented with drugs, associated himself with a leftist radical as you mentioned Tommie, and with Chicago "slum lord", Tony Rezko, his membership in a supposed "black supremacist" church, his campaign contributions from Robert Wolf (who wasn't directly implicated in a tax evasion scandal, but all the same), and countless other hidden or unrevealed, well until lately, items from his past. It just goes to show if you plan on making a bid for the white house, start at the age of 2 to CYA and not burn bridges.
  15. Gawd, what have you done mudman4c!!! The friggin' things are all over tha place. I had it on my sig for a while. I didn't have no problem seeing the gnats on yours and coknuck's sig. When I put it on mine though it was like, grrrrr, get it off my sig!!! Anyways, I think this is a marvelous innovation. (the wireless power system that is, not the bug) I think I will get one to power up my cell phone then I won't need no stinkin' bluetooth. Lmao.
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