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  1. @ smuth thanks for your post man.maybe those people who contacted you or others are rouge employees of SmartBro Inc. trying to make more money for themselves.hope this could really get to their attention before all of the subscriber decides to pull out their accounts due to these kind of acts.
  2. ouch! that's a little unlucky for you man..settings might have been really messed up after the initial changes..hope your problem could be solved or else you might end up calling tech support for assistance from one of their field technicians
  3. hallo.. i also encountered the same problem for almost 3 days..it seems that smartbro is having problem especially on their DNS servers..i tried using the ones on the opendns.org website and i was able to open different websites again without any problems. try setting your DNS server address to static using these: - preferred dns - alternate dns this solved my browsing problem,it might also help you guys..there are also other DNS servers on the internet that you could try to use like: tried the
  4. since you are getting a good wireless signal based on the results you've given, it might be that the base station where you are connected is having problem. have you tried asking some tech support guys of smartbro?.. you could also try to ask them to check the signal of your antenna..who knows,they might be looking at a different result compared to what you see on your canopy page. hope this helps.. @[email protected]
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