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  1. i just got my globe broadband wired 1mbps. And im not satisfied on my speed i only got 400kbps >.< does anyone here knows how to speed up my globe broadband wired?
  2. 20 step and your new formula didnt work for me. ive followed all the steps coolmaster Buster can u pls tell me how can i increase the speed of my connection? ive already tried to tweak my cannopy but still no success T_T
  3. hi jabylee. how did u manage to get that uplink and downlink @ 7000kbps? cause mine has only 1000 hope someone can answer my question
  4. hi guys. is it ok if ive uncheck some of the Custom Radio Frequency Scan Selection List :cause ive found out that some RSSI are connected to a low CRFSS so ive uncheck all the low RSSI and only check with the higher RSSI. Is it ok that ive done that?
  5. does this still work? and can u help me with your 20 step formula "Know your TCP Receive Window (RWIN) values, write down the values for "scale factor of 8" and "scale factor of 4". sorry but i dont know how to scale factor of 8 and scale factor of 4. can someone hir tell me exactly what to do? im kinda noob in math ^^
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