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  1. well, for starters the light after the gun is fired, its too flashy like a photo, and second he shoots the roober like 4 times at close range, and yet the robber still manages to walk out of the store, or run out...
  2. This is a video that i posted on break.com i found it somewhere can't remember exactly and it looks pretty cool, don't know if it's a fake or not, it doesn't look like it is, but take a look for yourself, And it isn't one of those weird things that pop out either, I promise. but can anyone help me identify the song thats playing. http://view.break.com/83908
  3. I have done it on a 3.2GHz machine with 512mb of ram and a 6 meg connection to the internet, I did a live installation, basically the compilation of the base system took me about 2 hours and that is including the manual compilation of the kernel, the long ones where.. Xorg which took about 3-4 hours and then either gnome or kde which either take approximately 3 hours depending on the system, the weeks thing is a myth its only for people who can;t get it together... and by the way it is worth it because Gentoo is the only distribution that can be tuned all the way down to its roots, so don't be afraid to install it, My suggestion is that you follow every little thing in the manual especially if it's your first time. Good luck.
  4. Let me just tell you right now, thats a bunch of crap. They will not be that high.
  5. bighawk211


    Hey guys I'm not sure if anybody can help me with this but im gonna try anyway. OK here is the problem This morning I turned on my PC Windows XP booted up, I logged in and the first thing I see is the Fund new hardware Wizard and it's for my Video Controller. Now last night When I turned off my PC and went to sleep everything was fine and I didn't remove or change any drivers, so why am I seeing this by the way The display and my video card is the same I see no changes it's just that when I go to the control panel I see the video controller under other devices and it has a yellow question mark.. By the way if it's any help it's an Intel 915G chipset.
  6. I honestly think he and people of that kind should be shot, but that's just my opinion.
  7. Let's just end this now, it doesn't really matter, and this topic is going nowhere.
  8. Ok, Now you have just earned yourself the idiot name. read my post before you reply.
  9. Dude... seriously you need to calm down.. You think it's cool to act tough all over the internet, I would like to meet you in person and really see how tough you are.. and for the record I didn't call you an idiot, I said it was stupid if you ordered it for personal use, which you didn't, so it didn't apply to you.
  10. Im sorry, im not trying to be mean but.. If you are stupid enough to pay 510 a month for a T1 line as a home connection.. than you do deserve that speed.
  11. Maxtor 160GB ATA 7200rpm with 8mb cache Seagate 200GB SATA 7200 rpm not sure about cache since it came with my PC.
  12. Yea, I would have to agree with that, It will help alot
  13. Don't get me wrong.. but you didn't by any chance uncap the download speed did you?
  14. I see you have a couple of thousand to spare... nice
  15. That really did scare the hell out of me... I hate you ROM-DOS, by the way how do they make that that little creature thing pop out like that
  16. bighawk211


    wtf???, can you people stop with the useless posts and use some common sense.
  17. I used to have that song... It is in German, It is called Has van tag or something like that, I had to reformat my HD one day and forgot to backup my songs, im gonna try to find it again though.
  18. what the hell... You dont work for Comcast do you?
  19. Hmm.. first of all congratulations on that download, second.. you didn't by any chance uncap the download did you? because im just letting you know that it's illegal.
  20. WOW... what a fancy name for a modem.. but im sorry I have never heard of it,someone else on here might have though.
  21. lol, I think it might be because of Comcast upgraded the plans... but i could be wrong..
  22. Im sorry to tell you this but your test.... is cached
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