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  1. ur comment being..................?
  2. ok do u think i am not very articulate and good at constructing arguements for a 14 year old
  3. mr hahn i know this is going back a long way but i think i may have something to add to a comment u made bfore about people posting messages to show there opinion, some find it a flaw but i tale pleasure in friendly debating and maybe other's do to do u have a coment on that
  4. oblivious u think im ignorant to major issues do u ?
  5. i think that games like halo 2 and san andreas maybe curently acceptable but that will not be for long. in medeval times trying to knock someone of a horse with a very sharp stick was perfectly good and fun. In the roman age beheading people was a hobby of emperor augustus when he was bored so the pattern is as time goes on violence used for entertainment becomes less popular. So enjoy the games like halo now but give it time and i assure u playing such games will be appauling behaviour so be prepared to change ur way's of entertainment in time. lol however i will be happy to listen to any objections, or comments or questions about my statement
  6. i have neva known someone who could be considered an infant to use the word infant especialy as an insulting adjective ?
  7. when i said i will not stand for racism i meant if there was racism i would simply leave
  8. alright my age is 14 but does anybody think an infant would use the word infant
  9. r u implying that i speak like an infant
  10. i once played ragnarok online until they made it so exclusive to payers only
  11. and dont u dare accuse my country as a reason for my arguements if u thought them mediocre i may have different oppinions to u but i will not stand for racism do u understand me
  12. sry about the break i had to go have dinner i live in australia
  13. i quote thesse contradicting statements ey're posting for the same reason as you. They have an opinion. already told you... I can't give an opinion on a game I've never played. Much of this thread hasn't even been about Halo (e.g. PS2 controller durability, slurs and people who don't like them, etc.).
  14. u think im behind ur the one who's contradicting his own words
  15. however u also told me that the reason people go on message boards is because they have opinnion so otherwise why are u on it then hmmmmm.
  16. so then what is ur oppinion thats why ur on these message boards isnt it to express ur oppinion
  17. hang on r u telling me that u are so into all these things about halo 2 and u have neva played it
  18. games as violent as halo 2 are pointless
  19. so tell me r u for or against the "halo 2 sucks comment"
  20. im only on because my friend told me i should and see how i like it
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