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  1. i'm on this message board at the recomendation of a friend because personally i extremely dislike the halo games but i wish to speak about something else, if u like halo why are u online listening to people give a game u like a hard time when u could be playing or discussing some of the finer points of the game to a friend who also like's it. And those who dont like it why do u go out of ur way to speak about it when u hate something, if i prefered something didnt exist i would try and make it exist as little as possible in my life i may be atacking u however i would love to hear any replies
  2. how can anyone like a non stop violent game personally i find it boring as so i must agree halo must suck
  3. tell me wat is good about halo because in my personal oppinion the whole dam game is pointless and thats putting it nicely. do u think violence is a good thing like the war in iraq if so i can see how can like it if not u just dont make
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