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  1. where do u go to tell all that stuff like the temps and the rpm's?
  2. i like IE just because it seems to load sites a lot faster that FF.
  3. try using IE6 it seems to work better than firefox for me
  4. yea i dont think im gonna do it. i dont really have anything that i really need and if i do need something really bad i will just put that one file on the external. thanks for the comment.
  5. is it a good idea to back up the files on my main drive and put them on my external, or would it just be a waste of time?
  6. u ever herd of my provider. a lotta people have never herd of cebrdige connections.
  7. i already posted it but its cool. I go through a provider called Cebridge Connections Cable and i have a 3/256 connection. the upload usually runs at about 300-318k though.
  8. it seems to work pretty good for me
  9. Yea when my brother is here, all around the house he gets a excellent connection.
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