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  1. where do u go to tell all that stuff like the temps and the rpm's?
  2. i like IE just because it seems to load sites a lot faster that FF.
  3. try using IE6 it seems to work better than firefox for me
  4. yea i dont think im gonna do it. i dont really have anything that i really need and if i do need something really bad i will just put that one file on the external. thanks for the comment.
  5. is it a good idea to back up the files on my main drive and put them on my external, or would it just be a waste of time?
  6. u ever herd of my provider. a lotta people have never herd of cebrdige connections.
  7. i already posted it but its cool. I go through a provider called Cebridge Connections Cable and i have a 3/256 connection. the upload usually runs at about 300-318k though.
  8. it seems to work pretty good for me
  9. Yea when my brother is here, all around the house he gets a excellent connection.
  10. Yea i have a 3/256 connection with a provider called cebridge connections. it seems to work pretty good. Yea i did have a wired router, but then i decided to go with the wireless because my brother has a laptop that he brings home from college sometimes and i also put my xbox on wireless.
  11. i have a 160gig internal. And i also have a 160 gig external.
  12. here is my stock Dell 8400. It has a 3.4 GHz. intel processor w/ HT Technology, 512 megs of ram soon to be 1 gig hopefully. A 17 inch flat planel. A 160 gig hard drive. on the far right of my desk is my 160 gig external harddrive. and my modem and my linskys wireless router on the far left.
  13. yea see that site usually gives me a really good reading. and you are right at the 1 meg mark. so you are doing a lot better than i was when i first got their internet. at night i was usually at about 60-100k. so to me you are doing pretty good.
  14. here eninja do a test at this site. www.broadbandsupport.net. it usually works great for me
  15. yea they do do that if u download more than 30 megs in 10 mins they will cap u at 256k. but they took that off of ours. i can download as much as i want at 3 meg. but they get all that worked out. it will get better
  16. hey eninja, i started out with cebridge 1/128 package whitch i am guessing you have. well it gets better after awhile because mine did the same thing. it was a horrible connection. thats because they have a problem of only having 1 line and they put like 100 people on it. but once they get the money to get more lines it will be a lot better. now i have their 3000/256 package and it works great. markie09
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