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  1. I cant ever score higher than 75Kb/s on here. Yet on BitComet (File Sharer) im constantly uploading at around 90Kb/s. I have the Comcast 6MB/768kbps plan.
  2. I have Comcast 768kbps Upload and on the upload test with IE i cant get over 614kbps or 75KB/s
  3. what about upload all i want is more upload the current download speeds are fine.
  4. I currently have Comcast 6MB/768kbps and when i go to comand prompt and type in ping google.com i average around 50. when and if my area does get fios would my ping be lower? the thing is i like to play online games and host them but people just seem to keep complaing about lag on my connection and i dont know why i mean 768kbps up should be fine for up to like 14 people or so.
  5. yeah this person on halo 2 was using his router and a program that made him get host and then he'd lag people out based on there ip's. how do you do that?
  6. well then i dont know i guess comcast isnt a good host.
  7. I have comcast 6MB/768kbps i ping 52 to google and other websites and when i host a big team battle on halo 2 people complain about lag. I currently have just some random ethernet cords that either came with stuff or i got for free. Would upgrading my cables help me?
  8. i dont know there just regular ethernet cords. no seriosly this guy does get payed to played games. http://www.halo2forum.com/rippon.html
  9. but this one guy that takes halo really seriously. (i mean gets payed for playing it) was bitching everytime he died saying it was lag and my bad host i live in texas and i think he lives in utah is that too far you think?
  10. I have Comcast HSI 6MB/768kbps. I get good speeds on speed test. I ping around 52 to google and other sites. In halo 2 i have a good host record i never quit games when im host to keep it good. This morning i was playing customs with some freinds and i kept stealing host from them no matter what, no matter how hard they tryed i kept getting host. They didnt want me host because they said it was lagging. Everyone was complaining. And this isnt the first time its happend. I mean there was only 8 people in the room and my 768kbps upload should be good up to 16 people. I have the Linksys 4 port router but i had my computers turned off so nothing else was taking up bandwith.
  11. I have the Gold Tier for Comcast 6MB/768kbps. When it picks me for host in halo 2 the game starts with everyone in the yellow then it goes up to green slowly but everyone is still complaing about lag. Im in Texas and have 768kbps upload. Isnt this good enough to host 16 people in halo 2 lag free?
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