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Sata II Raid


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I'm looking to upgrade my storage because my 160gig ata133 is getting full. I've been wanting to run a raid 0 for awhile now and my motherboard supports sata raid. Something that has caught my eye is sata II, or sata 3gbs. If I were to purchase 2 sata II drives could I run them on my sata 1 raid motherboard. I'm thinking that it would be backward compatable and would run at sata 150 speed, is this correct. I would like to do this so in the future if I upgrade to a board which supports sata II then I won't have to upgrade hardrives to get faster speeds. This is the hardrive I'm thinking of running in the raid 0, does anyone have any experience with this drive, sata II, or know of a good drive to accomplish this task?

Oh yea, I want it to be pretty quiet too.


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I have 2 Western Digital Sata Drives running in RAID 0...

@ PC Pitstop I read around 110 or so on disk speed(but has read faster)...compared to around 40 with ata 133 drive.

RAID 1 will not give you any speed increases over a single Sata Drive.(just will give you constant back up drive if one was to fail)

I've been using raid for a while, PM me, and I can help you out..

Check this out too... http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=10525.0

The drive you show above is pretty much the same drive as mine are..just 50gig larger...

They work great...I noticed that my via raid controller is alot faster than my promise controller...Which controller do you have on your board?

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Unfortunately not, I'm getting a new mobo soon, and I'm looking into those hd's you posted...And use my current drives for storage..

I think your logic is correct...But I would get confirmation on that..I assume the disk speed is "up to", and is limited by what the motherboard can handle.

Good thinking ahead though..

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Yea those have one of the best price per gigabyte on newegg so buying a couple to use in a sata raid will be a good deal. I was thinking of getting a motherboard that supports sata II but because Im tied down to a socket 478 I cant find any that support it. Oh well I might have to upgrade my processor and motherboard too, but I was thinking of that anyway.

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I love my western digital drives...I've owned a bunch of them, and not one has failed...

Now maxtor drives are another story...have had a few of them require a large magnet...

My seagate drive was a durable beast too...I even broke a pin off @ the hard drive where the ide cable goes in..Thankfully I managed to yank a pin off(from where master/slave/cable select/limit drive jumper is), and soldered it in(after a loooong time trying to get pin through the hole, and then seated on the board properly)..Worked even after pc shop told me it was not repairable... ;)

Raid 0 is the way to go, just have to make sure you do constant backups...If one goes.. :haha:  Bye Bye Data on both...(or you can do raid 0+1)

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I think Raid 4 uses one drive sort of as its main, and stripes data across them, but raid 5 stripes equally amongst all of them. Same as Raid 0 but more drives...

Raid 5 should give you faster speeds than 0 if you have 4 drives as opposed to 2..Like more cylinders in a car..

I could explain it better, but i've been drinking some left over christmas wine.. :occasion14:

:haha: Been edited cause I definitely had too much wine  :haha:

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They're solid drives...I've never used the hitachi drives, but I can say for a fact the maxtor drives are cheap(and they show it in time)...

You will be very happy with the speed increase with the sata raid 0 or 5...

Especially when you install windows for the first time..Zooom!

I just use my old ata 133 drives as storage..I leave one plugged in, and the other 2 just sit in the case unplugged and store data I rarely need, but don't want to lose...

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