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Help with Windows Update!


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Ok, I went to MS Update for the new Security Patch ( KB912919)

It downloaded, but didn't install. I went to some of the MSDN Forums to find out what's going on and it seems like others are having this same problem.

It appears it is updating the gdi32.dll file and some people are thinkin' it might take several re-starts (boot ups) to get it to install right.

I have a KB912919 (hidden system) file in my Windows $hf_mig$ folder, but it's empty!

I know KB912919 is on my hard drive, but where does Windows Update hold the temp files?

If anyone can help me find a way to find and install this, let me know.  ~ Thanks.

[and, yes I did several trys to Update and Install, with the same result ~ unsuccessful]

[and my search results aren't showing anything either]

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ROM-DOS ; Backup befoere you try this.Copy & paste the empty file (KB912919 (hidden system) file in my Windows $hf_mig$ folder) into its own folder.In C: name it what you want.Then delete the file(KB912919 (hidden system) file in my Windows $hf_mig$ folder,) .If it will let you then reboot the file may reappear if it does then delete it again & try the update without rebooting.If it stays deleted then just try the update.

The reason for doing this is Windows Update thinks you already have the update or thats what I think is happening.

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MS forums suck, for trying to find info on how and why's ~ lol

. . .anyway, I knew it was on my hard drive ~ somewhere! (if anyone knows where Windows Update hides their downloaded temp files, let me know . . . I found it once, but I can't remember where?)

so, when I went to "Turn Off Computer" it was there waiting for me to Turn Off Computer,

it installed this time. . .so, maybe it's true, after a couple of complete shut downs ~ it'll work!

. . .I hate Microsoft ~ lol ~ last month they had a critcal patch to fix their update problems ~ BS

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