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Earthlink Accelerator makes downloads slower?

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I am using the Earthlink accelerator to speed up website loading.  The websites load super fast because of the compression.  However when I actually download a file, it seems the data rate is much slower when accelerator is on.  Usually I download at about 5.5kB/s but with accelerator on it downloads at only like 2-3kB/s.  I know turning it off fixes it, but it gets annoying after a while.  Does anyone know whats up with this?

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I believe tony is right, acts the same as NetZero I have mine blocked by my firewall from even loading.

You can find this tweak among many others provided by ROM-DOS  at  http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=9452.0

This tweak will help web pages load faster, it has no real effect on download

speeds, your pc will look up websites faster, speeding up how fast the page loads.



  On the right  >  change these entries: (ALL values are HEXIDECIMAL)

  Class                        REG_DWORD        0x00000001 (1)

  DnsPriority              REG_DWORD        0x00000001 (1)

  HostsPriority            REG_DWORD        0x00000001 (1)

  LocalPriority            REG_DWORD        0x00000001 (1)

  NetbtPriority            REG_DWORD        0x00000001 (1)

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TRY STAC compression (aka Microsoft Software Compression)

goto Control Panel > Network Connections

in Connection Manager, right click on your Dial-Up connection

and in General (tab) under Connect using: (your modem)

click on Configure and [un-check] Enable modem compress

hit OK

now open Networking (tab) and under Type of dail-up server I am calling:

(PPP;Windows 95/98/NT4/2000,Internet) click on Settings

Enable all three settings, including > Enable software compression

hit OK

and re-boot

This is the BEST compression available, it searches through the data sent to you and looks for repeated information and buffers it so you don't have to download that data again.

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