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How much power do you need? 

You might want to check out this article..


The only thing that I would be careful of would be if you are going to put this computer in a small space you need to make sure that you have enough ventilation so that it doesnt overheat..

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depends. if you just extend the cables the biggest limit is the video, since that is a fairly high freq (broadband) signal. and long vid cables are expensive and may not work well at high res/framerates. but 20 or 30 feet with a good cable should work. keyboard and mouse is easy, if they are usb, get an active (powered) hub and you can run a 50 foot cable prolly with no troubles. again, usb cables are fairly expensive. the best solution is an active kvm extender that uses cat 6 cable to transmit the signal. it will give you specs as to what res/framerate you can run and will let you go 100's of feet, usually. some more, some less. will also incorporate switching between multiple boxes allowing you to control multiple comps from one set of monitor/keyboard.


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What i did for my HTPC is got ahold of an old Dell Optiplex 260... it's got decent specs, especially for just using it as a HTPC, it's fairly small, and it's really quiet (you can only hear the fan if you stick your ear to the back of the case.  Added in a remote control, wireless keyboard and mouse, and I was all set...


Windows XP Media Center 2005

2GHz P4

256MB RAM (small, but it still gets the job done with some tweaking...)

20GB hard drive (although I have another computer set up as a file server...)

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