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MMphhh. Which one?


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PNY Verto GeForce 6600 GT 128MB DDR3 PCI Express Graphics Card - 187$ at bestbuy


Sapphire Technology Limited - RADEON 9800 ATLANTIS

ATI Sapphire Radeon 9800 ATLANTIS 128MB DDR AGP8X VGA/DVI/TVout (OEM) 1024-1C47 - 139$ at pricewatch


Well i tried to search benchmarks between the two cards but couldn't find anything. Which is the best card graphics wise? price wise? Any links to benchmarks thanks...

Currently i have a x300 PCIe that was bundled with my new pc; but it sucks and i want to upgrade......Any help appriciated.

Oh and yes i do have PCIe and PCI slots in my pc, and it does support them.

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I already posted about this exact issue. It was a comparison of the 9800Pro and the 6600GT. Look mainly at the third post I made for benchmarks..


-Cheapest ($190)

-Cheapest from Asus ($229)

I've used Asus video cards for years now and am a fan of them, so I included their card as well. Both of the above are 6600GT's for PCI-e.

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PNY cards (high end) are fine, and so are ASUS. But for the bucks why doesn't NVIDEA 'get the Winners Cup'? It's used in all major Graphics Studios (Disney, Industrial Light and Magic, etc...). More 'bang for the buck' too.

Y'all cornfuse me at times....


:) I agree and think the answer to your question is that even though a product is the best it may not be recognized by most people, therefore the best is what the so called majority think. I guess its the same with cars is a Ford or a Chevy better? Depends who you ask and someone will say neither and name another car, go figure:):):)

8) Microwave

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Neither, McLaren F1.

Though the page says 3.2 seconds, its 0-60 has actually been clocked at 3.1. Not much, but every little bit counts when you're considering how fast it already is. They'll run you at about $1,000,000 a pop, no exaggeration.

The Asus card I mentioned in that other thread is like the McLaren F1 of video cards. It's a 6800 Ultra that's overclocked out of the box. Sure, it costs a boat load a money, but the latest and greatest high-performance parts have always been that way. :wink:

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