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Help me hook up my AMD

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Okay im running a AMD Athlon 2000+ 1.66 GHz cpu clock speed

Nvidia GeForce4 MX 440 Core: 325MHz // Mem Clock: 444MHz

512Mb's of RAM // 2 Harddrives 1 140 Gig Seagate 1 15 Gig western digital

10/100 Mb's Connection 27' Cord to Linksys 2.4 GHz Wireless B Router

i get about 6.0 MBp/s on this, with my ps2 and intel running on it.

Is this computer worth the time of pulling everything i can out of it?

is there tweaks i've yet t discover? This computers old about 5 years

the harddrives new not the 15 gig of corse. but she seems to run fine



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it feels like a very slow start up

like i have to wait a good 5-8 mins for a start up

and i've changed the harddrive / floppy / cd boot sequence

hasnt helped

whoa there is something wrong there.. my amd athlon xp 1800 boots  up in 45 seconds with only  384 ram http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=9452.msg92192#msg92192  here is a bunch of tweaks by Rom-Dos  go to services and u will find some tweaks for startup

Also try http://www.startupmechanic.com/ to delete unwanted programs that run on startup

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I would vote ditch and save your pennies.. The cost to upgrade this to say an A64, new graphics, new memory and new hard drive.. is worth the money.. There isnt a whole lot you can do with the old socket A any more.. infact some of the processors are more expensive then some of the older 939 or 754 A64 processors. 

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