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Bill Gates gives $600m more to stop TB


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Gates gives $600m more to stop TB

he won an award i think last year in conjuction with the guys from Live Aid for being the person to raise more awareness of poverty or coming up with more cash for poor and people in need

he and his wife do give an hell of a lot of money to chairty

what do u guys think about this news ?


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If I remember correctly.. When he dies his children will NOT be recieving all of his money... instead it will be dontated to organizations around the world.. Of course they will get some but not all!

I think it is a great thing for someone who has that much money to do something productive with it instead of just allowing it to site in a bank account some where in the world. 

On this subject.. http://www.wired.com/news/columns/0,70072-0.html?tw

Gate vs. Jobs.. in the area of helping the world..

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Yeah didn't Gates give more to africa than the U.N.

Imagine the bragging rights

Gates sittin around with his buddies in a bar

naw man i gave more money to africa than the U.N you know i was like damn someone doesnt have windows now there has to be something done there. So i wrote a check for the same amount that the U.N. did so we can one day see these people with a windows cell phone.


You know i dont have windows either send a few million this way so i can buy a good quilaty computer and have a litlle left over.


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