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What is the best satellite to be on with Dway???


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After nearly two months of slow speeds; going thru all the channels of support; talking to level 3 & finally placed in engineering hands I was contacted by a local installer who is coming out in a couple days sent by Dway (billed to Dway) to check out my problem.  My speeds for over a month were good in the morning but dial up speeds at nite.  Last couple weeks they've been somewhat better.

With these guys coming out they are going to check out my system & equipment.  I'm presently on Satmex 5 at 117 W 970 MHz.  If I have the option of a repoint my question is which a better sat to be pointed to?  I don't want to be repointed to more problems. 

Any help is appreciated.  ;)

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most likely IA8....some are posting good speeds 24/7 others say it slows down some in the evenings. YOur dish is now pointing at 117 other than 127 (Horizons-1) all the other sats are to the left of your current pointing. If you get IA8 thats at 89 degrees.

My first re point didn't workout because of trees... here is good site to check out for pointing


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I guess the question is kind of an oxymoron....I wouldn't have Dway at all if something else was available but it's not.  It is better than dial up most of the time anyway.  Being that what it is I just wonder if I can switch from Satmex 5 what the best sat would be to go to.

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