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  1. Well, just kinda curious as to what sites u guys use for torrents? I want to d/l a movie...any got any good torrent sites that are fast downloads?
  2. Casey Rivers all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's from my hometown!
  3. Yeah same for me, since ive gotten DirecWay i can rarely send/recieve something over aim. Sometimes it works but most of the time it doesnt...
  4. hey tommie, I get the same results...I think its just the direcway connection...someone explained it to me before when i did this test and posted the results...
  5. Visiting overseas a couple of times to see family
  6. I hate AT&T, for the reason it doesnt sound good (lol). Too bad Cingular will become re-branded to AT&T soon.
  7. A friend sent me that link a while back. Man scared the crap out of me (now I dont keep my speakers so loud)
  8. If you can't figure out the FF problem, you should give Opera a try. Its excellent and I prefer it over FF www.opera.com
  9. On Opera its Yahoo.com(for my email) On Mozilla its default mozilla/google On IE its netscape.com
  10. Trying to figure out how much DirecWay sucked and then BAM, google threw this link link at me.....and yeah it happened to be good enough to bookmark....
  11. Id say go with Sony or Fujitsu. I loved my fujitsu, but Best Buy lost it in shipping and I got it replaced with a Sony Vaio. The vaio has been a great computer and I love it. Also yeah the tablet pc's are kinda flimsy. Reminds me of my phone (Nokia 6260). Its a flip phone that can turn its screen around. Its nice but I have this fear that Im ganna turn it to fast or something and the screen will snap off.
  12. Ahahaha Try DirecWay support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last Night: Me: It says my satellite is decommisioned, wtf? Guy: What Kind Of router do you have? Me: Linksys..... Guy: Yeah, You are going to have to call Linksys so ther can help you Me: ok...................lol yeah i hung up
  13. Yeah, why am I talking to you from here? not sure Did you try saving your buddylist when you were in aim...then opening it with Trillian.....dont have trillian never used it, just a suggesstion lol
  14. Decade


    Yes I do Dazedscream14 - Aim
  15. Decade


    I just disabled both, and I get the same message.. Error! Port 41586 does not appear to be open.
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