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64Bit Windows Pro edition


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I bought it when it came out as a OEM when I was building my computer, you don't have to be an MSDN subcriber to get it. At the time I couldn't even get it to install and there were no drivers released. The situation with drivers seems to have improved so I might give it another go now. Everybody always says to dual boot 32bit and 64bit because of compatibility problems. I would lean towards not worth it unless you have CPU intensive 64bit apps to run on it.

Does anybody prefer Windows XP 64bit over 32bit Windows?

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I agree, 64bit Windows XP is not worth it. Not only you'll need 64bit driver for your devices, you'll also need 64bit capable CPU (eg. AMD64, or Intel 64MT ??).

Then I'll also need to run Warcraft 3 on that; and also my video/photo editing software which I think wouldn't run properly.

This is where I think the next generation gaming console will come in. All in flavor of 64bit CPU sitting nicely on your bed. Not worrying if installing game on PC would ruin my editing software. Ah 360... where are you?

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it does in a way.. you can see what x64 can do.. with 64 bit programs.. but since there are very few out there, other than some video editing ones, there isnt a whole lot of reasons to install an os that isnt as well supported and is going to be out of date at the end of the year.  I was watching Bloomburg report and Steve Ballmer, the CEO of MS, said that Vista will be shipping by November of 06.  I dont know if this means it will be available to the public to purchace..  This way the 3rd parties can get it on the computers for the holiday season.  I am also going to bet that we will see a fairly large set of programs move to the x64 platform by the time that the holidays roll around... This way you have something to run on the new HP you bought at Bestbuy.. Just my thoughts..

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I have tried the beta of Vista 32bit and 64bit on 2 machines.

Vista is a Hardware HOG!!!

Like trying to run XP on a 486, and the 2 machines were an Athlon64 3200 and AMD Sempron 3000, both with a Nvidia FX5700 in em.

I read an article that stated that only about 50% of brand new computers will be able to run Vista.

It truly IS a conspiracy to force people to upgrade, gates himself has all but admitted it.

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That is why it is still beta..  I dont know which beta you were running.. but from what I have heard beta 2 is a lot faster than the original release back in July/August.. The AreoGlass , the new GUI with the cool features, was improved and now it performing better on machines.

I have yet to see the true operating specs.. I posted some earlier before CES but my guess is that is what MS wanted Vista to be shown on due to the lack of optmization and the fact that the software isnt even close to be shipped.

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Well I took some time last night to try to install WinXP x64 again and I still can't get it to boot. As soon as the windows x64 loading screen comes up I get a Stop error: 0x0000007B......

The good news is that today I got an email from Microsoft today saying I was nominated for the Vista Beta. Vista should be much more fun then messing around with WinXP Pro x64.  :D

I have nominated you for the Vista beta and you should be receiving an e-mail in the next few days.

Thank You,


Microsoft, PM

So soon I should have a recent official build of Vista Beta to test out.

:angry5: And before someone asks, no I am not going to share it  :angry5:

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You are going to get the Beta 2 build like everyone else..  And if you want it you can hop on google and find it pretty easy..

Glad to hear that they are going to do something.. i dont know about you.. But I would want a replacement copy for the money that I spent to get the os in the first place. 

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Yeah I have seen those online but most of them are messed up or missing files. Its always nice to get it directly from the source.

Glad to hear that they are going to do something.. i don't know about you.. But I would want a replacement copy for the money that I spent to get the os in the first place.

If thats in responce to me, they aren't doing anything about my x64 problem, those were two separate things I was talking about that happened to occur at the same time. I have been to lazy to contact microsoft about my WinXP x64 problems but I doubt they would do anything about it. A replacement copy? How would that help?

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