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Name-based Virtual hosting


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Many of you might or might not know i run a small hosting company, and the method i use for customers for hosting websites is named-based virtual hosting. This is where one ip hosts many websites, it saves me from having to use ip based hosting where everyone gets an ip, and allows me to spread out my block of ip's a bit further. My question to anyone techy enough to understand what i'm talking about is how common is it for hosting companies to use this method, and maybe even some people here have a website with a provider that uses this method. BTW i do all of this through apache.

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yeah that is how non dedicated servers work i believe..  The only problem would be registering with the DNS server.. I dont know I will look into it..

Alright did some research..

This is what I came up with..

Name based would be more likely on a system that is more low budget.  Like a hosting company that is just starting out and can not afford to have multiple IP addresses to one box.

IP based would be more prevlent, in my opinion, for host that have a pretty large operation.  This way if you are hit with a DoS attack you would only lose 1 IP and the rest would still be functional.  Also with name based you would have to create rule as far as bandwidth goes for each of the sites.  With IP based it would be a free for all on the network.

My guess is that with a dedicated server you are going to be getting IP based.  However, with a shared server, it could be either.. I would lean more toward Name based. 

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i would like to know more about this

if you only have one ip how do u tell the HTTP request which folder to use to send the code from?

does it use diff name dns name with different ports ?

You register multiple names to one IP address on a DNS server..  here is a good little overview.. http://www.serverwatch.com/stypes/servers/article.php/1127571

I am sure that Dark_Matter know a little bit more about this.. if he has it set up correctly.

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I have a total of 35 ips on the box i host websites on for people, and this allows me to offer website hosting, and ircd hosting. Ofcourse anyone hosting ircd i'll give a dedicated ip, although if i had people run their ircd's each off a different port many could just use the same ip, but the standard port these days is 6667 for ircd. Now on to the name-based virtual hosting with apache. I give the customers two options they can use my name servers on my dedicated box that way there dns becomes controlable from my box, or they can get a subdomain with the domain i use either way name-  based hosting works better. This is the offical documentation for name-based hosting for apache here atleast the version of apache i use http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/vhosts/name-based.html . Right now i'm hosting 12 websites off of just one ip address, and none of the customers have had any issues.

These two options tell apache which Domain Name, and secondary domain to look for so it serves the right website.

ServerName www.domain.tld

ServerAlias domain.tld *.domain.tld

this option tells apache which DocumentRoot to look for so it serves the right files to go with that domain.

DocumentRoot /www/domain

As long as you have the proper ip/dns entry setup in BIND/DNS Server it will work flawlessly.

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If it's http://webgeekshosting.com/ - ....how do you even get customers to sign up for your hosting !? - I was thinking of doing the same thing, but there is no way of compeeting with big companies - nowdays you can literally get crazy good hosting for 5 dollars per month, and yet you say you actually get some business.... :o

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half of my customers are people i work with the others are actually people who ran accross my website from google ect. I make enough to pay for the server, and have a few bucks left over. I'm currently working on a new website which will be up soon i hope. The main reason i do is is because it's a passion of mine. For awhile i was hosting a few people for free just for the hell of it.

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