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history class...


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ack here i go knocking the school system and making a freudian slip..

read as ...like in the first place. ...

:) In the future if you like you are able to go back into a post and modify anything you like or even delete if thats your wish......I saw the error but I dont correct other peoples mistakes its hard enough to correct my own......LOL

8) Microwave

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with the state the school system is in i guess we should be glad there's students out there that know what a map of the us looks like in the first class, much less ones that are able to make the leap of imagination to recognize a similar shape.


if ur saying texas ppl are all dumb just cuz of bush...then ur wrong

and r u new? u seem to like being a jackass to peeps, dont u?

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well, actually i'd have to say texas people are smart because of bush.

my point was that teachers are deplorably underpaid, therefore undermotivated, schools are underfunded, the educational system in the us, the only thing that stands between now and a future with no job, no hope, no future kids (not because of the kids, but because they are simply not givn the chance to learn even the basics), is going down the shitter in a hurry.

i am located in puerto rico, every puerto rican is an american citizen, but the public schools do not even teach english. is that fucked up or what?

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yeah, teacher /is/ a calling atm, because no one in their right mid would do it for the money they get paid. or not.

sure, there's those few and far between that want to make a difference, but how fast do you think they burn out, having to consider taking a second job just so they can keep up teaching?

the sad truth is that talent goes where the money is, so a lot of talented people are put off by the thought of being poor to teach. good intenttions only go so far.

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