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Presidential Address to the Nation.

Should we send the National Guard to patrol the borders?  

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  1. 1. Should we send the National Guard to patrol the borders?

    • Send National Guard to Borders.
    • Don't Send National Guard to borders.
    • Don't care!
    • Undecided

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peepnklown :

    Just to point out: 911 is not the right format for the terrorist attack date.  You are putting down: "nine, one, one,"    one - one is not a date, it's a number.   "Nine -  eleven ( 9/11 )" is proper or "9/11/2001" .  To refer to the attack as 911 could be: emergency number, the number between 910  and  912 or what else you want it to be.  Any use of 911 instead of 9/11 is disrespecting the dead, the survivors and the rest of America. 

That's like today's date is the 17th ( seventeenth ) day of May not the 17 ( one seven ) of May.

Thanks for letting me blow off a little steam but 911 is WRONG !!!  IT'S "9 / 11" ( nine - eleven ) !!!!!!!!

Get it right the first time !!!!!  Doesn't matter what other people do - it's what you do that counts.

If I'm wrong - prove it to me.  Then I'll apologize to all on the Forum !!!!!

Or kick me off the forum - your choice


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