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MIT's $100 Laptop is unveiled


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i don't know. blue hippo is a ripoff. sure. but damnit, i wish i had thought of it and had the lack of scruples to pull it off.  :twisted: you don't need to ship a box until they pay for it, and then they keep paying you money? perfection.

and damnit, i can't find the crank on that laptop. what did they do, replace it with one of those imbalanced wheels with a generator like in motion activated watches?

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One Laptop Per Child



Laptop Prototype Unveiled

By BetaNews Staff, BetaNews

May 23, 2006, 4:11 PM

The One Laptop Per Child foundation unveiled the first working prototype of its $100 laptop at the Seven Countries Task Force Meeting on Tuesday. The device runs Fedora Linux and features a color screen, Wi-Fi, a 500MHz processor, and 1GB of flash memory.

The prototype unit, decked out in yellow and orange, has "horns" that flip up to function as Wi-Fi antennae and cover the USB and audio ports when not in use. The keyboard sports recessed buttons much like Apple's new MacBook, and a handle on the back is designed to make transport easier.

. . .still looking for the crank, but now we know it has "horns" at least!!

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