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Dell to Sell PCs With Google Software


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Dell to Sell PCs With Google Software, Person Says (Update2)

May 25 (Bloomberg) -- Dell Inc., the world's biggest maker of personal computers, will sell PCs installed with Google Inc. software, dealing a setback to Microsoft Corp.'s long-time control of the desktop, according to a person briefed on the deal.

Under the three-year agreement, Google will pay Dell to install its PCs with Google programs for searching hard drives and e-mail as well as its Web browser tool bar, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the agreement is confidential. The deal may be announced today, the person said.

The pact is a victory for Google, the world's most-used search engine, putting its software before 100 million new PC owners over the life of the deal. Until now, Microsoft's Internet browser and services have been the default settings on Dell PCs and the agreement may derail Microsoft's attempts to draw users to its search services with its new Windows operating system.

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hell, the prices are great. i recently helped someone pick an ultra budget box. celeron 2.53, 256 meg, 80 gig, cdrw. no monitor or os, 304 incl. shipping. (xp home would have been 29 bucks with some other 'ware but he has a license)

1 year at-home service. very very difficult to beat with a homebuilt box not to mention the at home service.

i did see in the list though that you can order a variety of discs with it. i think a windows cd was an option.

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Yeah i can built my own but heck here in austin

there hometown by the way

There selling Pcs for as low as $275

Kinda of hard to beat

Considering the lowest cpu/motherbord combo i can find around is a $99 one

With amd

Whose rots are also in central Tx

Cpu/motherbord  99

power supply      50

ram                  100

hard drive          100

Damn i went over the lmit already

and no


video card

sound card

usb ports

cd drive

How does dell do it because i know their pcs are built at the front of my neighborhood

and they pay minimum $9 an hour and they employ thosands

How the hell do they do it ans still make a profit???????

I would expect it to b like Gateway In Debt

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volume. they don't buy the mobo and cpu for 100. they buy for a fraction of that because they go directly to the mfr and tell him they need a bazillion of them. so he gives em a good price, knowing that he doesn't have to worry about selling his production. just like the os. they credit you 29 or 30 dollars if you don't want a windows license and the other 'ware that comes with it. so figure they pay maybe 40 bucks or so max. (i really don't feel like looking it up this morning)

all the volume deals they have are the reason why you can not beat the prices for a complete box with a homebuilt. the only time a homebuilt is better is if you need a box with some really exotic kit in it that would be too expensive to upgrade into a configuration or that uses things the big mfrs don't offer because it's too far from mainstream.

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Tech Titans Take Sides

Yahoo partners with eBay to battle with Google, which is teaming with Dell to put the heat on Microsoft

In the war for dominance of the Net, May 25 turned out to be a big day for alliance making. First there was news of an ad revenue-sharing deal between Yahoo! and eBay. Then came the announcement that Google would put its tools on millions of new personal computers made by Dell.

The pairings highlight the importance the fast-growing, $12.5 billion Internet ad market and the race to get in front of as many Web surfers as possible. The alliance with eBay gives Yahoo a way to narrow a lead by Google in generating advertising sales. Paring with Dell , meantime, helps Google muscle in on Microsoft's dominance of the desktop. "These alliances are predicated as a response to a looming threat" from others, says Standard & Poor's analyst Scott Kessler. "Companies are inclined to make these moves so they can solidify and enhance their competitive positioning."

In recent months, Microsoft has attempted to use its popular desktop applications like Internet Explorer to drive traffic to its Web sites and search engines. That drew the ire of Google, which in April complained to the Justice Dept. about unfair competitive practices.

Google didn't get much satisfaction. Less than a month later, on May 12, the Justice Dept. dismissed the complaint. It seems Google now is taking matters into its own hands.

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