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ASCII TABLES (Something for everyone)

The Reverend

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:) Thank you Reverend for the great info, I was looking for my hard copy the other day and still haven't found it. I noticed the red high lite on "666" LOL there is a state hwy not far from me and its # is "666" and people have complained for years to have it changed and they did recently. Like hotels and buildings not having thirteenth floors or room numbers ,its kinda funny but its not so unusual for people to be wary of these kinds of things. Again thanks
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Aha!  Yes, I just got an e-mail back from Damon.  The only diff is that I've been (permanently) elected to "police" the DirecWay slot even though with time I'll eventually be Global as well ...I'll always be 'central' to the DirecWay "sub". (That's fine with me ...I like the extra buttons).

However, TY for the info Troll Guy!  Much appreciated!


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