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Virus ALERT!!!


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Could someone please help me, i am recieveing a virus alert with Bitdefender warning me about a virus within my temp folder.

even though Bitdef is blocking how do i get rid of the whole files.

The files area is:


Note: after temp(THE FILES VARY HERE)

Please help :whaa:

i'm tryying with bitdef but it takes ages!

How do i get rid of these?


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I would make sure this is'nt a false positive .

Over-sensitivity in the automatic detection of viruses (or heuristics) leading to false alarms about virus infection is something of an Achilles Hell for anti-virus scanners, which by their nature need frequent updating.

I would try another scanner, there are a few on-line ones;




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Anything in your temp dir is safe to delete. Select all & delete all in the temps.

Be sure to do all your temps..... u have temps in c/windows , c/Documents and Settings/user(being whatever your user name is)/Local Settings. try cleaning them all & rescan, bet be gone. :)

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Another point is that if an application has performed a call to the DLL and the DLL is actively being used, you won't be able to delete it. You would then need to hunt down the application using the DLL and terminate it. Even then, it may require a reboot which in most cases, will cause the virus to 'recreate' itself.

If you decide to delete it you should create a restore point

this was you can revert back to it

Process name: MyWay Search Assistant or Noop DLL to replace spyware DLLs

Product: MyWay Search Assistant for Internet Explorer or SpyCatcher or My Way Search Assistant

Company: MyWay.com (www.myway.com) or Tenebril Incorporated (www.tenebril.com)

File: deSrcAs.dll

Is it a Dell hid?

MyWay Search Assistant for Internet Explorer installed on Dells. I have a new dell that had it before I ever hooked it up to the internet. It seems to be installed with image. Try Control Panel : Add / Remove Programs MyWay Search Assistant.  See also: Link

This file, i believe is a browser redirector that redirects customers that have bought dell systems. it redirects the browser to www.dellmyway.com when browsing to www.dell4me.com, Try it on a dell machine.

try spysweeper


free trial for 15 days

See if it detects it. It will clean your computer during the trial

Hope that helped.

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Now Bitdefender found this within the same temp folder;


Bitdefender can't disinfect these for some reason. Can anyone recomend a program that will remove these. I've tried spysweeper but nothing. i've tried above suggestions but no luck.


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