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Bush signs law hiking TV, radio indecency fines


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WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- President Bush Thursday signed into law legislation that raises fines tenfold on radio and television broadcasters that violate U.S. decency standards by airing extensive profanity or sexual content.

The new law, which boosts fines to as much as $325,000 per violation from $32,500, could help congressional Republicans woo conservatives in a tough election year as they have faced ebbing support from key core constituencies.

*more in article*

Those restrictions do not apply to cable or satellite services. That prompted radio shock jock Howard Stern to move his show to satellite radio to avoid the federal regulations since his antics led to fines against stations that aired his show.

This law doesn't apply to us on SS, so we still get to be naughty!

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! *dances*

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really great. And thanks for asking...

But doesn't it bother you that you have the ability and the responsibility to change the channel on the TV or radio, and yet you aren't given the choice of what you're allowed to hear or see now?

Granted, this is an example that is way out there, but weren't we built on freedom and personal responsibility?

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I feel that those fines are way to high, but stations shouldn't even have to worry about that. The stations should have say a 5 second delay on their programs so if Janet's clothes malfunction again they have 5 seconds to go to commercial or cut the feed or do something.

yeah that would be good

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