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is microsoft office needed at windows startup???????????


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hi friends

              i found acrobat reader 7  n microsoft office application being started while my pc boots up!!!

                so as a measure of improvement i removed bothof them from the list n absolutely there is no prob now

                  is it essential that they should b startd while booting of windows?? i m using xp os


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if you have adobe professional you need it because it controls the print queue..  MS office starts to check for updates i believe and launch in IE for web browsing..

MS office does start up to check for updates, but you really dont need it starting up becuae when you start like word or excel it will check for updates then. you can turn it off by deleting the  file in your startup tab in your start menu.

As for the adobe thing starting up you do only really need it if your printing large pictures or large .PDF files otherwise you can turn that off in msconfig.

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if i understand you correctly you do not need the two apps starting up, but might want them. they are preloads of the actual app that put some of the files into memory already at startup to launch the actual apps faster than without.

on the comp i am using office on i installed the 2007 beta and word and excel launch blindingly fast without any preload and outlook takes a bit because of the databases it opens.

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yeah I think that is how it works for the current versions..  I have yet to play with the beta of 07...  I am sure there is a pre load some where.. like explorer or something else..

it sure seems like it, same with WMP11... it loads just about instantly, especially if I had it running and closed it...

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