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Reading articles here and abroad on Comcast's 'PowerBoost' I must chime in that I would not care for their powerboost, they don't even increase their upstream. Now taking into account that my provider (Adelphia) has an 'Extreme Tier' of 16Mbps2Mbps that will soon make it to my area, all rests on CableLabs

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i dont understand what is holding them up

why dont they just release it DOCSIS 3 or even 2.0b


bandwidth please :)

specially upload in xDSL

upload is needed

The unfortunate part is the equipment change out.

Docsis 2.0 has been around for a while, but most modems were not 2.0 capable until recently.

A total swap out by Comcast, for example, will cost ~$30.00 x 9.0 million = $270,000,000.

Most modems out there now are 2.0 compliant, but a couple years ago they were all only 1.0-1.1 compliant.

I assume this is one main reason the isp's are dragging their feet, not to mention the head end equipment upgrades.

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