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If you own a Western Digial hard drive please read


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So..  WD decided to settle lawsuit and part of the settlement is a piece of $30 software.. 

Western Digital Corp. this week agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit filed against it by allowing consumrs to download free backup and recovery software from the company's web site.

For those customers who purchased Western Digital hard drives between March 22, 2001 and February 15, 2006, the company will provide free backup and recovery software, valued at about $30. Customers must go to the settlement web site and register. The offer expires July 15.

A plaintiff had originally filed suit against WD for allegedly misrepresenting the size of the company's drives. For example, drives that were advertised as 80 GB had an actual capacity of only 74.4 GB.

"This settlement ends a misleading practice and compensates anyone who was harmed," said attorney Adam Gutride of Gutride Safier LLP, which represented the plaintiff. "Each purchaser is entitled to software with an estimated retail value of $30."

Source: Extremetech.com

Settlement site for Western Digital: http://www.westerndigital.com/settlement/

Or.. westerndigital.com and scroll to the bottom.. on the bottom nav bar there is a link to the right called settlement.

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omfg. this is on a level with the mcdonalds coffee.


what i'm wondering is why did they go after WD and not every single store that sells hard drives, be it single or in a package? they are guilty of the same misrepresentation. or are they trying to say dell doesn't know that a drive advertised as 80 GB (decimal) has 74 GB (binary)?

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my guess is that someone tried to back up 80 gigs of disk space on to one of their external hard drives.. and it didnt work.. who knows i havent really looked into or read the case documents..

If I remember correctly they say that on the box about the conversion factor.. 1000 -> 1024 

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Hi Folks,

I really respect all your opinions, but if there is no money involved, just a big waste of time,

maybe i have purchased more than 50 drives (WD) during that time for puters i build for people, do you think i really care, if the give me at least 20 bucks for each GB ill do it.

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the reason that they are not going to offer money is for your exact reason..  People buy hundreds of drives at a time to put in the NAS and SAN boxes..  If you dont want the software.. that is up to you.. however, if WD thinks it is worth $30 then why not give it a try..

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