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Building a new Computer


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Hi people i am currently wanting to build a new computer system.....

Put very simply im a POOR student lol.....

What im going to do is buy bits for my new system across a period of time.

What im asking though is if there are any new technolgies coming out maybe in the next 4-6 month wat i mean is like about 2 month ago core duo 2 wasnt out what i dont want to happen is for me to finish building my system and week later core duo 3 comes out....... (only an example)

Thanks for any guidence


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Its going to be a sort of all round desktop machine..

Im a student so these are for like the work ill be doing

Microsoft Office

Web develping (dreamweaver)



Things i also want





The only thing i can think is Quad Core... anyone no weather these will be a hit or not....

DDR2 is also taking off now with the lauch off AM2 from AMD im looking at Core Duo 2 though so will probs go for DDR2 memory anyway. The thing is i heard that even though its faster the latency is S**T is DDR2 worth going for until they sort it out


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Amd is predicted to launch the quad-core in 2007..


A core duo would work great for you needs.. what type of databases are you planning to run?

The other way to go would be to get an AMD A64.. they are blowing out all of the 939 processors.. so getting one for cheap should be too hard.. the problem is that it is going to be a pain to upgrade...

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