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the lone member on regular dial up


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Hello are there any other members on regular dial-up.I tried a poll & got very little response.As a matter of fact I would like to get that thread in Help!with the forum deleted the response was so poor.So if there are any other members at testmy.net on regular dial-up post some of your test scores here no matter how slow.If the response is too large CA3LE can just lock this thread.I don't think the response will be that many.If I am the lone member of the forum on dial-up then. HiHO Silver

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that cant be ur real speed...impossible...a full 56k on dialup connection...blasphemy

u must be using some 'web-accelerator' type of deal...cause as far as i know, dialup connections are limited to like 53k max

I think its correct, 56k stands for 56000 bps and that is the limit

also compression help up speed, but as far as i know, the testfiles here, cant be compressed anymore then they already are.

EDIT: The only thing that bothers me is that you have a TCP overhead of around 10% so the speed should be around max 50 Kbps, that make me think that it might be some compression after all  ;)

VanBuren :)

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Heh wingzero2309: I don't know how to prove I a'm just on regular dial-up.I do not always get this speed but do a lot of the time.All I can tell you is I pay $9.99 for my service I don't know of any ISP that gives you accelerated service for that.This is not the only test I have done at this speed. I don't know if you can look at my other tests here taken over several days.I have no explaination for why I get better speed than I should other than my system is tweaked . :-| Cholla

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Hi VanBuran: could you explain the TCP overhead to me.I'm still learning about the tech stuff.If my ISP is compressing it some way they are doing it for free & they don't advertise it.From my end I have a very simple older IBM computer with an internal controlerless modem on windows 98 se.The tweaks & this isp have given me this speed.As you know I tested slower at your test site in Sweden the test was larger & dial-up does slow down on larger test..

hi wingzero I went to my member stats but I didn't see any way you could see them without a link like on the one I posted.That only lets you see that test as far as I know maybe Van can tell us if this is correct.I did post another test in the guest book at VanBuran's

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hey cholla :)

The TCP protocol use a overhead on each packet, (usally 40 byte), so if you have a MTU of 1500 your useful data is 1460 byte in each packet.

That overhead send information to the reciver what TOS you have and also acknowledgement info.

When you send a file over TCP protocol, the reciver has to send acknowledge information back to the sender that he recived or did not recive the packet, so the sender know if he has to re send the packet or not.

thats the overhead, and normal overhead is around 10-12%

so if your capped at 56Kbps, and can only use approx 90% of the information your modem recive

thats 56 x 0,9 = 50,4 Kbps

without compression you can eg download a file of 1 MB in 159 sec

and with compression in 100 sec that give a average of 10 KB/s = 80 Kbps

that beqause you dont need to download the full file....

VanBuren :)

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I am working out the math for some DWay tweaks for a Dialup...give me several days to get the numbers right as it is all Algorithms to the cosines of Latency, etc.  You will be a "testee" at best, but we should be able to make that modem "talk" a bit better.

OR ....if you wish, I believe I can get my hands on a DW4000 system (with a dish with DirecTV too).  All you would need is to come up with shipping charges ...or I may be able to supply it for nothing.  I'll have to wait to see if the dish owner will donate it or not.  He's stateside near my stateside church in North Carolina. 

Hey ....there is always the outside chance of ANYTHING happening!  :)  I'll do my best to get you running faster either way.


The Reverend of Costa Rica! 

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VanBuren, thank you kindly for that info.  I was mistaken and thought that 1480 was the useful number, not 1460!  No wonder my math hasn't been working out to match the figures!  LOL


The Reverend

Reverend :)

yea the overhead is 40 bytes, and MSS (Maximum Segment Size) changes along with MTU ( Maximum Transfer Unit )

MTU is MSS + 40

VanBuren :)

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