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a squared???

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Hey WingZero2309

Just find a registry editor that you like that shows you the startup files and you can then kill MS right there.  I am using one that would do you perfectly, but I can't find the CD that I backed it up to.  It is over 12yrs old but still works with all  O/S's as I keep modifying it to suit.  heheh... I'll keep looking in my spare time but I don't have too very much of that right now.  I am buried with trying to get this new Server off the ground.

Hey! I see you are fairly new so if nobody else has, please let me welcome you to Testmy.Net!  You'll love it.  (We are all crazy)! :shock:

The Reverend

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i used to have this a couple of months back, and personally, i thought it sucked; it detected at most 2 things (if anything at all), and its scan times were absolutely horrible

im just gonna stick with adaware and spybot, not even microsofts new one cause it loads at startup and i dont know how to get it to stop i tried everything

;)  If your running XP go to Cmd and type msconfig then go to startup folder and un-check....that will stop it.... If not XP let me know and I'll tell you how for your O.S.....but it seems like I remember you saying  a long time ago that you ran XP..... :)

8) Microwave

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