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Static Ip or not to be


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Mtal1ca, I believe it is a bit more than that. Have you restarted the modem, defraged the comp, used disk cleanup lately, read this ?


Is the weather bad where you are? Have you tried tweaking the connection? Are you clear from trees? Are you grounded properly?

Post a speed test using the 2992 file test.  :D

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Okay....answer me these questions...

Are you running a web server, game server, ip camera, irc server or anything else that would require your IP address to stay the same?  If you cannot answer yes to any of these questions then there is NO benefit to your having a static IP...

Just to add to this "old" topic....

The static IP service for Hughes is a little deceptive.  You aren't paying for a normal "static ip" per say, but you are paying for the ability to forward ports and have a routable system.  The IP that your modem gets IS static when you commission the Sat modem, BUT, it acts as a NAT router and assigns local IP addresses via DHCP.  This normally would be ok, except for the fact that one cannot configure anything on the modem to forward ports.

Thus when you pay for the Static IP service, you are actually paying for an additional IP address, that can be assigned to a router and/or computer.  Then you can forward ports with that router.

The obvious benefits of this is ofcourse is easier P2P, connecting to your computer remotely, and/or setting up security cameras at a remote location.  (Like your weekend cabin or something)

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