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Hey does this still work???


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Welcome aboard there Devolt!!  Pleased to have you here!

Why yes, that is the ONLY tweak you want to ensure you have on when you are using an IE browser with a DW6000 modem, and I checked that link and everything is correct, so you must have "Automatically Detect" 'ticked'?  maybe????? 

If nothing else, try unchecking them (or is that how you got here?  lol  Sometimes in VERY rare instances they won't work due to other tweaking in the Registry, but dang, I've never seen it NOT work with a DirecWay system. It gives you a speed boost of approx 200Kbps....

Let me know a bit more about what you are sitting on there...must be an easy fix....


The Reverend

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I want to make sure I'm setting this up right for Firefox too....

How do I know what the "the LAN IP of your DW6000" is for mine?


:) If I'm understanding your question correctly once you have your proxy set up it doesn't matter what browser you are using... if its working OK in IE it will also work in FF, although I have seen many ppl write that DirecWay is set up to work with IE, but let us know maybe yours will be OK and work the same. As you know Sats kinda change the rules.... LOL

8) Microwave

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Interesting. I thought you would have to set it up for both browsers.

But what my question REALLY is:

If you look at the bottom of this page, where it has the Mozilla user instructions,


...you will see it says 

"Type in about:config as the URL in your browser's address window.

Scroll down to network.proxy.http. Enter the LAN IP of your DW6000. "

Is the LAN IP just by default for all Dway users, or do I have a unique one for MY dw6000???

(Sorry I'm so clueless, lol...)

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Hi Microwave,

Yeah, I did setup IE the same way, but didn't give it too much thought, as I never use it and just wanted to see how it compares to FF.

With FF, using the proxy does seem to speed up sites that you've already been to slightly. It's not a gigantic difference, but probably worth doing anyways. (Every little bit helps with these friggin satellites, right?  :roll:)

Btw, the only difference in speed between IE and FF is when it comes to downloading, IE is significantly faster. However, I think Firefox renders html faster so it comes out like IE loads images faster, and FF loads the text faster.

That seems to be my experience anyways. I know the Rev would love to argue with me, lol.

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