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Like Input From Any Starband Users Who Have Switched To DirecWay

Mr Ranger

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i had, still have starband service. had probs with hardware and their customer no-service department pretty much told me to pound sand  :evil3: . i am now on cox.net and am getting awsome speeds (4948 down has been my personal record). usually i don't slam companies, but when they had no intention of helping me with lightning damaged equipment, i told them i will gladly give them their 500.00 worth of free advertising, and this is just some of it... if you have access to cox... this seems to rock for me!!!

again, i in no way endorse or recomend starband as a provider... but also, i have some slightly damaged equipment for sale, or i might just run over it with the tractor???

thinking the tractor this will make me feel better!!!

Almost    :twisted:

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Starband is having all kinds of trouble right now, and I'm wondering if the grass is greener on the other side.

Mr Ranger

This a email i got from Starband. You should of got one to.

Our engineers are currently conducting network maintenance and load-balancing activities to ensure proper operation of the network. Due to the nature of the maintenance, it will be performed at various times throughout the day over the next few weeks. During this period you may experience speeds resembling those usually only experienced during peak usage hours. Please do not worry, as it is a function of the network maintenance. Rest assured, our engineers are monitoring network performance very closely and will try to minimize the impact on your service. Thank you for your patience as we make the StarBand network work better for you.

Also *band will have a new satellite this spring.

I have both DW for about 2 years now and *band only for about month but i have not had any problems with speed or anything and i have no problem with my DW.

Why in the world would you be thinking about DW for.

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