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  1. thanks cholla will try some of that stuff and others things i came across... will post if i find an easy way peace out Almost
  2. won't go into a long story... bought a combo DVD recorder/VHS player to convert my personal "store bought" VHS tapes to DVD. soooo many of them will no allow copying, not doing anything wrong, not like i'm setting up on the street corner selling bootlegs! there has to be some way around this without buying a $100.00 "filter"??? any ideas??? thanks, in advance for help... Almost
  3. cartoons kick A$$!!! i agree, bring back the looney toon stuff~ Wilie E. Coyote - "Super Genius" peace out~ Almost
  4. one of the biggest lies ever told... "minimal assembly required" Almost
  5. i'm getting two of these bad boys... just paid $2.94/gal this morn for diesel
  6. my guess would be well over 100... i know the room i'm in, basement office, i can count six... probably 8 plus a 220 in the garage and i know for a fact, my shop in the woods (28 x 48 ft bldg.) at least 25 + 2- 220's, the rest of the house is my wifes, so i could care less how many outlets she has, but i do know, when we built, i went nuts with wire!!! can't ever have too many, and too few sucks!!! peace out~ Almost
  7. tommie... sounds like you know what you are doing!!! good job... we've been in the rental business for about 12 yrs... along with my reg job... one thing to look at seriously, is commercial rentals... much more stable clientele and they take care of themselves for the most part while leased. although more expensive to get into, longer term leases and with the right lease, the tennant is resposible for most of the up-keep of the property. we have 2 residentials and 3 commercials and now after the principal amounts have droped on loans and such, it's amazing how much you can net out a month. also with commercials, expect them to sit in between tennants longer, but that should be off set by longer leases and the other perks that come with commercials... just my opinion Almost
  8. my name says it all... i'm "ALMOST HUMAN" the pic of zorro is my oldest son, i have two sons... and a wonderful wife my faith and my family is my life!!! i own and operate a print, copy and graphics business... peace of Christ to all~ Almost
  9. once again, after watching that.... i have to ask myself... "why are the youth of the world becoming more and more violent???" can't figure it out, that kid needs a valium... the size of a twinkie!!! peace out~ Almost
  10. i just googled "avery labels", and i think they have everything you are asking about. labels for the disks themselves, and the j-cards or cover slips just google "avery labels" hope that helps... peace out~ Almost
  11. thanks fallow earth just ran that scan too... only found two "tracking cookies"... but it did d/l and run spybot yesterday and it i.d'd and deleted 11 files and stuff again, thanks to all for all the help you offer us 'puter morons peace out~ Almost
  12. ha ha ha thats funny as heck... by the way... get those dirty stinking boots off the mac!!! peace out! Almost ::macs rule::
  13. thanks for the tip just- headin' to file hippo right now... had both of those before, but reformatted couple of months ago and never reloaded thanks again... peace out~ Almost
  14. thanks brock01 will continue denying access... this site rocks for us non 'puter experts thanks to all peace out~ Almost
  15. i stumbled onto to TestMyNet looking for a speed test site. stayed with it and often browse the forums to see what type of info is being exchanged. very impressed with the members offering prompt and good advice to us novices thanks to all and keep up the good work mods... peace out~ Almost
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