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Can Hughes net connection be bonded with ADSL connection?


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I have the Hughes net satellite connection (DW 4000) and recently acquired an ADSL line. The question is: can these two connections bonded in XP (bridged), so that the new bond (bridge) has the speeds of both integrated? Has anyone done this? Please let me know if this is possible. I tried after searching how to do this but didn't succeed.


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Most people that get DSL couldn't get to the phone quickly  enough to cancel the Hughes internet service  :haha:

No it can not be done, nor would you ever want to.  The latency would cancel out any advantage to having DSL in the first place.  Best thing to do is the quit giving Hughes your money, and enjoy your DSL.


Grab your wallet and run for the hills as fast as you can.   :evil6:

Forget the satelite part, you will be much better off. Unless a war breaks out here in the states. Or you end up in the middle of a very flooded area, like 100's of square miles, or camping.  :icon_scratch: Maybe then.

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