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HElp! Browser problems!

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Now all I can do is sit and wait? or call my ISP? but can you explain how i can can connect to the internet with other programs like the game client im using?

yes i did uninstall FF T.t

Make sure you have your firewall settings correct, but if your modem is not reaching there server , well...........
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YES!!!~!!!!  :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy::laugh:

It works!!!! ... I just turned off program control on my firewall ^^

you are theman , hey now, make sure you are still protected and re configure the fire wall :) Make sure you read this as well http://kb.mozillazine.org/Document_contains_no_data

BTW Fire wall suggestion by droner

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Guest jeffwalker9999

goto command prompt

type in IPCONFIG (space) / All   - enter

copy and paste and post

?? What web browser are you using ?? we need to know this !!

IE 6 , IE7 , Netscape , Firefox ,Opera

Your problem is that web browser is not showing any web page / site - correct

??? If IE --- Tools - is their a check in "work off-line"

?????? Again what web browser using ????????

IF IE7 goto :  tools - options- connections - lan settings ---  Is anything checked ??

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