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What about Verizon card over Satellite?


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I was just notified that Verizon went broadband in my area.

I was at a Kiosk and got anywhere from 650Kbps to 1056Kbps.  I also think the upload is faster than Satellite.

Would that be better than such a crappy upload on Sat...and unreliable download speeds?

As far as I'm aware yes by far.

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Had a buddy in the office be the Verizon EVDO guinea pig.  Installed huis personally...seems to be averaging:

600mbps download and (burst up to 900, supposedly up to 2mB)

130mbps upload (supposedly bursting to 300)

If I can get those speeds at my house and I can figure out how to share the internet connection over my 3 pc's...I won't have to put up with the weather outages and of course my broadband can go with me.

Verizon did raise their price though...so it is about the same price per month as Hughes.

Anyone know what the latency is on Satellite?  Verizon was around 232ms

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Not sure how much I actually download a month, or how strict they are in enforcing that limit.  However, It does seem a bit quicker.  I am on in the evening when my Hughes is normally sluggish...

Latency on the Sat was 1100-1200ms.  EVDO is running 200-230ms.  Speeds are similar.

During the day, I'm sure Sat is faster...but the much lower latency on the EVDO makes it seem quicker.

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They are supposed to be VERY strict, as in they will terminate your account, and possibly make you pay an early termination fee.

If Sprint EVDO is available, I would go with them because they have a true "unlimited" service.  But Sprint coverage is sporatic though.

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