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Dual Wan - Twice the 'Bro


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Hi, I'll be installing a myDSL (Residential ^^) line aside from my current Smart Bro line.. and I'll be needing a Dual WAN router for that..

Is it true that I'll get better bandwidth/ bandwidth management if I use Linksys routers?

I'm currently looking at TP-Link R480T++ but I might change to Linksys if it really is true that it can give me better bandwidth..

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Listen, HOLD IT. Check out some bad experiences of the Linksys dual wan router users first!


Try to google "dual wan router review" first.

After I read Joe Mehaffy's review, I finally bought a Peplink Balance 300 a year ago.  It has been working flawlessly until now!  The greatest thing is that I don't even notice its existence after it was set up.  The Peplink people also keep releasing firmware updates. 

Don't waste your time and money on the crap.

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"If you get a DUAL WAN router - be sure to configure port 443 to go to only one WAN connection, otherwise you'll not be able to use sites that have https://  - i.e. hotmail"

@mangtom / gurus'

need yor help :cry2: :cry2:

where can i access this port 443? I'm also using dual wan (EDIMAX BR-6624). with 2 smart bro connection. i can only access  my internet if i use also the Linksys router (Linksys BEFSR41).... i want to illiminate the linksys router...


thanks for your reply...

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hmmm, got an idea id still use my legal smart bro connection and purchase the tech's that offers me their own version of smart bro ha ha paying 999 with 2 connections!

temting  i would like to have same setup..i own an old model meridian system do you think i can ask tech person to connect it for me?

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