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  1. as for the reason for me not being active here in TMN well since my hubby found that site and became a mod there i haven't got a chance to use our pc at home...sob!
  2. just to clear things up: just got a pm from a friend on my messenger regarding the issue! the SC here in TMN and the SC in the other site are two different people my hubby is the one and the moderator on the other site and i'm the one on this account.. however there was someone who was asking a step by step instruction on the other site on how to tweak or speed up smartbro as far as i know my hubby wasnt a mod back then only helping his fellow members, thus i have made a copy of CB's revised guide on our pc via notepad! I guess he stumbled on it and posted it there never the less i think it
  3. you could try username: root password: leave it blank, to gain access! btw: did he got banned again? you know who!
  4. i was also a digitel dsl subscriber before i changed my isp to smartbro, is this newly installed? kindly report it to thier hotline and NOT at the digitel centers they suck in service.. may we know what applications are running on your PC? to tmn! glad to have you on board!
  5. waaaa! no NAT error..., tsk tsk i think its possible to get pass through that NAT error only thing is it depends on you basestation settings..
  6. woho! back at last! he he so whats new here? sorry ive been in PUERTO GALERA not in boracay ! @nolram: is it only occuring when you use mixedDNS?
  7. might be a corrupt file! what are you doing when it crashed? playing...surfing....downloading....have you tried scanning in safemode? might be a trojan slipped by!
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