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WW-II Trophy tank


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Yeah it's good to see stuff coming out of Russia , and to see their door to the world opening , and the Internet doing it's bit for world peace and understanding ,

Ok , I am a patriotic Brit and a supporter of America , but having worked closely with Russian engineers back in the late 60's , at the height of the cold war , strange cold guys,

but after a beer or 2 , no different from you and me, and they even laughed  and told the same jokes as us ,

I guess having a part Russian G/F has helped me to understand their ways ,  :lol:

very stoic and dependable people , I guess they had to be considering their heritage ,

another clip http://englishrussia.com/?cat=15

the pilots second attempt to lift off was doomed to failure IMO,  with those breakers pitching the helicopter , combined with the lose of power on the first attempt , I can only guess he was heading fast towards a rocky coastline ?

BTW . I just tried to sign up for membership on  this site , the antispan word was VODKA ,tough one to crack, :2funny:

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