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Family Helps Realize Inventor's Dream

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i like the engine braking / power storage with the compressed air part. a lot better than those damned battery hybrids. you can even use that as an a/c. cool the compressed air down to ambient and then bleed it into the passenger compatment. the decompression cools it off. voila. a/c.

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Interesting find Reso.....

BUT, yeah there had to be a but from me , the one cycle engine is a 2 stroke , nothing wrong with that, and this Scuderi engine type is well known ,been around since the 1920's



One of the main reasons of power loss  in coventional engines is friction ,

hence the racing engines with only 1 piston ring etc. and rebuilt after every race, now as you can see from the presentation the Scuderi split singe engine is not simpler than conventional engines  . it uses a pumping cylinder and a combustion cylinder ,(twice the friction ) so it needs 16 cylinders to repace a conventional 8 cylinder , size and cost are also major factor here ,

Yes,  it dosn't need a turbocharger , it aleady has one in the form of the pumping cylinder ,

it does break some new ground in that it dosn't require added oil to the fuel , like a conventional 2stroke ,and it can be made to run cleaner,but hotter , and this increases the Nox output,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitrogen_oxide

Most car manufactures have looked at and developed this type of engine , but none so far have used this design , Ford UK  had high hopes for it about 15 years back , and got as far as anouncing a new type of engine for it's KA model ,

but had to back track and fit a conventional engine on it's debut , 

anyway it is good to see alternative designs comming out , and good luck to the family, 


if the fuel has a mythical 100% conversion factor the losses are

35% engine friction loss (conventional engine )

15% drive train

20% road friction

leaving the remaining 30% to propel the vehicle ,

all figs, approx..

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