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need some help form u mac savy guys out there


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ok so i just got a new Xserve for the class room to replace this old G3 powerpc server that is the server for this class room

ok so i need so help here since the only servers i have set up were runing win 2000 server or 2003 server

so the Xserver has mac osx 10.4 with unlimted clinets and the whole class is running emacs with 10.4

what i need accomplished is to set up about about 110 clients on the server and xfer all the old data form the old G3 powerpc

what would be the best means of doing the xfering, the G3 is running an old server os i think its os9 or os8 im not sure

so ya what im trying to say is i need to set it up so any of the kids can log on the server and grab there work so they dont have to save it on there comps but they all need there oun accounts what one of the mac apps should be used?

i also need the apple remote desktop software to be used on anyof the computers what would be the config tools i would need to use

ya sorry if i sound kinda weird but ya like i said i have only set up servers with 2000 and 2003 

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