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Error on speed test ?

Blunted 2

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Had a few problems with the score database this morning as some of you may have noticed.  I'll be working this morning on optimizing it to alleviate the problems and to free up some system resources on the server.  So please bear with us this morning (and most likely this afternoon), the site may lag out for you a few times during the process because the commands I need to run are very resource intensive.

For the moment the score signature image that some of you are using as your signatures will be disabled, this is because that image is drawn on the fly by the server and a query of the score database is needed to perform that action. 

At the moment I have no ETA but I'll be working nonstop on this until the database resource choke has been alleviated.  I'll update this post and close the topic once I'm finished. 

While I'm at it I'll be optimizing the other various databases but since this is preventative maintenance those services will not go down nor will they have issues related to their optimization, although, any and all portions of the site that are database driven (pretty much everything) could have issues if any of the commands I perform in mySQL get bogged down... but I'll try and make sure that my queries are small enough to avoid any further issues.

Thanks for your patience and patronage.

- Damon ~ testmy.net owner/admin


Database optimization is done, everything should be fully functional, took longer than expected but it's done now.  Sorry about the downtime folks.


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