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Mac OS X Leopard is here


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Alright so for those that don't know Apple's Mac OSX Leopard came out today, and it is defiantly the best upgrade to OSX so far, and quite possibly the best OS of all time.

The first thing that I noticed is how fast it is. When you click to open a app like safari, mail, ichat, itunes ect. there is no waiting. It opens as soon as you click it. Even programs like photoshop and Final cut open much faster then before.

iChat is actually really usable now, they added a ton of cool features to that.

Safari 3 is insanely fast. Pages are super quick to load, and download speed  tops my download with no tweaking, thanks to the super smart stack. 

Here are some screen shots of some of the features. Its kinda hard to get some of these because they are moving so they need video.

<a href="http://uploadingit.com/files/183085_qxlij/">

    <img src="http://uploadingit.com/thumbs/large/183085_qxlij/coverflow.png" alt="coverflow.png" />


Cover flow is a real nice view for just about everything, but is really usefill when browsing through pictures.

<a href="http://uploadingit.com/files/183086_ewbqh/">

    <img src="http://uploadingit.com/thumbs/large/183086_ewbqh/finder1.png" alt="finder1.png" />


<a href="http://uploadingit.com/files/183088_hu7my/">

    <img src="http://uploadingit.com/thumbs/large/183088_hu7my/menu1.png" alt="menu1.png" />


The new real soft menus with the rounded corners are a very nice touch.

<a href="http://uploadingit.com/files/183089_jalx6/">

    <img src="http://uploadingit.com/thumbs/large/183089_jalx6/quicklook.png" alt="quicklook.png" />


Quick look is the shit, I push the space bar on anything and see it with out opening anything.

<a href="http://uploadingit.com/files/183091_ok72x/">

    <img src="http://uploadingit.com/thumbs/large/183091_ok72x/safari1.png" alt="safari1.png" />


This is a real nice feature in safari were you can expand any text field just by dragging that around. very help full for long posts

<a href="http://uploadingit.com/files/183092_ejcfk/">

    <img src="http://uploadingit.com/thumbs/large/183092_ejcfk/spaces.png" alt="spaces.png" />


Spaces is my favorite feature. i have 2 monitors and with spaces i have a ton of desktops now. and i can drag apps in-between each space and arrange it the way i want it.

<a href="http://uploadingit.com/files/183093_3766o/">

    <img src="http://uploadingit.com/thumbs/large/183093_3766o/Stacks1.png" alt="Stacks1.png" />


<a href="http://uploadingit.com/files/183094_ifyvb/">

    <img src="http://uploadingit.com/thumbs/large/183094_ifyvb/stacks2.png" alt="stacks2.png" />


Stacks are really cool, You have 2 views the fan and the grid, great place for putting alot of apps.

<a href="http://uploadingit.com/files/183095_rlt3t/">

    <img src="http://uploadingit.com/thumbs/large/183095_rlt3t/time_machine.png" alt="time_machine.png" />


Time machine looks amazing, I didn't think much of the interface at first, but once you use it and see it working you understand why apple did it. It works really well. And looks amazing, really hard to get a feel of it from a picture, you have to see it in person.

There are a ton of little things in leopard that just make everything so much easier. And the overall interface is just so much cleaner then then any other windows or mac OS before it makes it really enjoyable to use and is very easy on the eyes.

I would recommend this to anyone. By far worth the $129.99 for it.

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OK I can't seem to get my pictures to show in coverflow, where are the settings for this? I would like to preview all/ every file this way, is this possible? And how are you getting the movement ,or "render of the icons?

nevermind on the pics,Igit it lol just cant seem to find the setting to have the icons move

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