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Yo Roco or anyone familiar with graphic issues!


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So I uninstalled the Intel integrated graphic drivers before installation (used the NVIDIA CD) of the NVIDIA drivers and the whole install went fine.  One strange, insignificant issue, however.  The NOD32 notification icon has turned into an all black square.  Before I mess with support from either company, I thought I'd check here!  Thanks

NEVER MIND!  Opened the GUI file through program files and it restored it!

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:shocked:......You nearly gave me a Art attack there ,  :lol:

glad to hear it is running good , so how does the card shape up ?

cheapest I could find in the UK was around $60 , and no cash back

Haven't tried anything intensive,  not sure I'd recognize the difference anyway.  Like I'd said, I knew I only had integrated graphics, which for me were probably fine but the price was right for this upgrade so I jumped on it.  I think I'll try one of the TV network shows that they are streaming nowadays.  The one thing I do notice is that all of the toolbars in Firefox are now kind of beige in color and my tabbed bookmarks bar is a real pale, light green.  Would prefer they were white.  I checked IE and they were much the same.  Not sure what's up with that.

edit...to fix ur quote

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Hi ratchet , have you tried adjusting the colour in dislay properties it's in settings > advanced ,

or by the monitor controls ,

BTW I only need a an tuneable graphics card for photographic work ,

I use this a test picture to set the monitor to the printer ,

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