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optimize firefox memory issues.......


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THANKS DUDE!!!!!!! for the attempted Trojan implant......  :knuppel2:

According to AVG, anyways.

I would remove that file ninjageek.

Although it would be nice to find a prog like that that actually works.

FF on my machine will build up to 300,000K + before I have to shut the browser down and restart it.

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Now I scaned and it showed nothing !! Its gone. Does work well. Mod will have to delete it. I can't seem to. Can someone else confirm there getting the trojan warning? Seems odd not only did it pass avg it passed webroot as well??

BIg time sorry. I really did scan it. Hope its just another avg false positive. Avg has been bad about that of late. Not sure how it can be a trojan when you install nothing ?? Strange. Mods delete the file please.

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100 Percent agree!! I feel horid and so sorry about it. Just glad you caught. Flipping hackers.

And the reason I caught it was because it sounded like exactly what I needed to fix the Firefox memory problem I have on my home PC.

I have two work notebooks on which I use FF daily, and they have no memory problem whatsoever.

I can't find any difference in any setting on any of the 3.

edit: FF process at 102,000K and climbing.......

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Yea thats why I don't use firefox. I still gotta wonder if its really a trojan or its a false positive. You have a firewall, If it was a trojan it would ask for access to the net, and your firewall would block anything trying to come it. I am willing to bet its not one. Heck give it a shot and see what happens. It dosen't install anything.

I started using opera about 6 months ago. Wow I sure love it. I will be the first to admit while opera's content blocker works ok, its still not the best. Proxython makes opera a bit slower. I found that admuncher just makes opera smoke. Best 30 bucks I ever spent. I am so happy with it I am gonna probally buy a copy of it for the gf puter.

From time to time I do see on the opera forums former users of firefox there. I myself was that way. While every browser has its good and bad points. The way I have opera set up and tweaked other browsers just seem cumbersome. May be something to think about and try?

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